Saturday, October 6, 2012

colour-lust: red + mint

I'm "colourful". OK, that's a euphemism for "criminally insane" (borderline, yeah?). But I'm OK with it. I wear it on the outside with irrational pattern combos and upwards of five accent colours in one outfit. If I had my way, our apartment would be saturated in tangerine and fuchsia and shots of turquoise and crazy conflicting pattern-on-pattern (that's what my insides look like, or so I imagine). But I'm sharing Lead Decorator role with a decidedly more stubborn conservative human.

I won't stop dreaming in full colour, though. Dorothy is my homegirl.

Maybe it's because I leafed through a book on cars of the 60s yesterday, or because Pinterest is swimming in S/S 2013 runway looks, but I'm daydreaming in a seriously unseasonable colour palette. It happens to be one of my most loved combos of all time, actually. I grew up in a 1950s time-capsule, so it's no surprise that my tastes err on the side of retro. 

Mint + apple-red + vanilla!

It's sounds like a very yummy cocktail, n'est ce pas? Wanna meet me at the diner and sip one? Two straws. Batting eyelashes. Footsies. 

Just for funsies (and to set the mood for this post), let's pretend we can experience colour with all of our senses. Yes, I am eight.

Taste: milkshakes
Hear: One Fine Day by The Chiffons
Touch: melamine + taffeta

Maybe this snapshot of my little kitchen studio will illustrate my love for this combo:

{ photo by: Jessica Blaine Smith, 2011 // dorky hair + awkward smile: my own handiwork } 

 More delicious examples of this gorgeous union of colour are everywhere in life (and all over the internetz)!

 {ia's Vintage lunch box // AM Radio tackle box }
{ interiors // photos via: }

{ custom handmade oxfords by goodbyefolk }

{ awesome street style // pics by & }

{ photo by ANDREKART // photo by me! }

{ berry bowl by Claylicious on Etsy }

 { vintage fan // AM Radio vintage desk lamp }

p.s. in case you thought I was joking about that 1950s time capsule stuff. This is my parents' basement:


Header photo, right panel: Ruby Belle Dress

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