Tuesday, February 21, 2012

virgin (tattoo) diaries, pt. 1

This. Is. Really. Happening.

I've talked about this thing for, oh, 7 years. In that time, my mother managed to think about a tattoo, decide to get one, then actually do it. My mother! Egads! OK, if you know her: not surprising. She's impulsive and weird (weird-good). So maybe I come by it honestly. But I'm also my father's daughter. My measure-twice-cut-once dad. He's responsible for my lists, my logic, my over-planning. Because I'm a product of these two sides (oil and frickin' WATER, I tell ya!), I want my first tattoo to be huge and right out there on my forearm, but I'm also gonna take 7 years to make it happen.
Cathie, my most refreshingly honest friend, has essentially forbade me to discuss it any longer. Until I actually did something about it. She's right. I don't want to be one of those all-talk people. I'm doing it, Cathie, I'm doing it!

Remember when, way back, I wrote this? So yeah, I'm still thinking flora/fauna and though I love-love-love bees, that's going to have to be tattoo #2. Speaking of #2, my mother is already talking about hers. I'd die if she beats me to it. Twice. (Not really, though. Mostly, I'm just pretty proud of her awesomeness.)

I found this artist, via my desk-neighbour, and he does some pretty lovely stuff. Even bees! But his birds and flowers are just so dreamy. I'm thinking a combo between these two pieces (less skull, more whimsy):

 Frank Gonzales

I have my consultation in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! It's with this dude and he's awesome. 

David Glantz, Archive Tattoo

Plus he comes highly recommended by my bonkers-lovely friend Dawn. I yoinked this from her Instagram - it's her latest session:

And as usual, I won't do anything these days without creating a thematic Pinterest board first. Check it!

(And please tell me it won't hurt. It won't, right? 'Cause otherwise I'm getting one of these rad temporary tattoos by Tattly. Whatever, I'm totally tough.)

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  1. I am so excited for you!! I knew what I wanted for my first tattoo for a long time but struggled with where to put it. It's concealed, but it far from small! Then of course I got the tattoo-itch and have since then expanded on my original so that I now have a fairly sizeable side piece, and some script on my back/shoulder. The work that David Glantz does looks stunning and seems to fit what you have in mind so well. Exciting!