Saturday, August 7, 2010


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Alex and I are contemplating tandem tattoos to mark our one-year anniversary as a married couple (holy. crap. i'm. a. married. person.). I'm flip-flopping between a red-winged blackbird (and other birds), a bee or a whale. Not because they have any sort of significance really, but because I am in awe of things that live in the sea and the air (I am constantly and positively BLOWN AWAY by Blue Planet). Hm, I also like bicycle imagery... ooh, decisions!

Alex is still on the fence too (hurry!) and unlike me, is NOT an oversharer and does not want to discuss on the WWW what he has in mind. Boo.

We are both loving The Websters Pictoral Dictonary as reference.

Some inspiration:


  1. I'm telling you honestly, sometimes I look at my tattoo and find some sort of flaw or imperfection in it, but then I get over it. Go for it. The pain is not that bad at all so if that's a factor holding you back don't let it! And don't let the people at the tattoo shop intimidate you. That's definitely not cool.

  2. Dayna, you know I waited a (long time) to get my tattoo (tiger)! It's "forever", so be sure of what you want. NOT a whale!! The bird idea is nice, although not on your arm or a (HUGE) something on your back!! Think "tasteful" and something you know you can live with! My philosophy is either get one beautiful tattoo that stands on it's own and can stand the test of time, or do it like "Kat" and cover your body!! (lots of smile faces!!!) Love, Linda.

  3. Dayna, you know I waited a (long) time to get my tattoo!! I'm happy with it! It's "forever",
    so choose wisely. NOT a whale!! I like the bird idea! My philosophy is one "tasteful" tattoo that is substantial, well-placed, something that you can live with forever and will stand the test of time! Either that or be like "Kat" and tattoo everywhere!! (Lots of smile faces!!), Love, Linda.