Thursday, October 20, 2011


[ photos via Le Animalé, Happiknits & Shutterography on Etsy ]

I sold 5 items on Etsy this week - it's a good week that way! My only issue with Etsy, as Regretsy has amply demonstrated, no curation means that the floodgates are wide open to bad, bad art. So, finding great things on Etsy tends to require a little digging.

Listen: it's worth it.

Not only am I a seller on Etsy, but I also do a fair bit of shopping on it too. Ususally my shop earnings just get rolled back into Etsy in some way, whether I'm buying fabric yardage and supplies, an amazing vintage necklace, or a cute illustrated print. I love supporting fellow small biz owners.

Yesterday, I was perusing my "Favorites" on Etsy - just a collection of things that I've hearted over the past couple of months, and page no. 1 looked almost intentionally curated. It could almost be a treasury of it's own... mmm, making Etsy treasuries - one of my favourite time-wasters.

Themes were definitely emerging: I'm obviously loving mustard this season. Anything in that rich earthy yellow has been catching my eye these days. Also, season-appropriate chunky knits, of course. Cozy-times.

OK, these hearts are too good not to share:

 natural wool hand-crocheted leg warmers ($30) by donkey & lemon
 royal tenenbaums poster by adam juresko

 fine art photo print ($20) by karin A photography

 le animale fox earrings $30

OMG pennants by rank & file $18.50

 pom-pom flowers ($12.50) by steph loves ben
 kelsey genna 'beatrice' dress $190

umbu sewing pattern chandelier $200

chunky cowl scarf ($80) by happiknits

 french bulldog print by shutterography $18
dandyrions fox sweater $55

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  1. Oh boy....I am in love will everything you posted..Especially that FABULOUS dress! OMG! I agree about Etsy, you have to dig a bit..but..I am famous for repeat buying once I have had a great experience with a seller. I usually respend most of Happiknit's earnings with fellow Etsy sellers. Thank you for including me in your picks xo