Sunday, October 23, 2011

an apple a day

I don't think Buy Nothing Month is supposed to be over, but it did last a good two (maybe three) weeks at least. At least. Sigh, we lack self-discipline. 

Despite spending money when we shouldn't, today was amazing.

Alex and I and a rented Toyota hit the road for some adventurin' on this perfect October day. We picked apples. We breathed in farm smells. We scavenged through antique treasures. We pretended to scope out real estate. We sipped lattes. We almost never came back.

Oh, and it was the most amazing opportunity to put my new toy to the test! My iPhone 4s came in the mail Friday and it did not disappoint. My DSLR barely left the car the entire trip. Here are a few snaps from our day-trip, shot entirely on a phone. A phone!

Apples, by Apple:

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