Thursday, March 3, 2011

Style for hire.

I've parked myself at the kitchen table at my parents' house in Ottawa this week. Coming "home" was in one part reaction to my wounded ego (see Bummersville), one part loneliness due to my MIA husband, and a dash of longing for a vacation. Of course Ottawa ain't no Cayman Islands, but on my budget, it would have to suffice. My down-in-the-dumps attitude over my job situation (or lack thereof) was surely something mum could handle. She has a no-tolerance policy for self-pity and that's just what I need. Sure, she's sympathetic, but she won't let me dwell on it, and she distracted me in the best way she knows how: comfort food (ahem, poutine) and dress shopping. 

She bought me a Calvin Klein print shirt-dress perfectly suitable for office jobs, and I snagged a gorgeous leopard print pencil skirt at 80% off. But, they won't get much wear until I land an actual job. This brings me to interviews. I really have no idea what to wear to an interview. I can't stand matchy-matchy suits and they're just not "me" anyway. I also don't want to put forward TOO much of "me" - my love of out-there colour combos might be a bit over-the-top for a first impression in the work world.

My go-to interview outfit is my classic black pencil skirt, cream polka-dot silk blouse and my cap toe patent pumps. It's classic, professional, and still very much reflective of my style. 

I'm getting a little tired of wearing the same outfit at endless interviews, but i do think I've touched on a pretty great combo. Spring is imminent, and since I'm still jobless, I'd love to inject a little colour into the formula. If I had  just a little extra cash, I'd invest in a few extra pieces.

[ Glee's Emma Pillsbury ]

Taking inspiration from Kate Spade, Emma Pillsbury, Joan Holloway and vintage Chanel, here's my dream interview-worthy wardrobe:

[ Suzannah silk pussy bow blouse ]

[ Kate Spade ]

[ Kate Spade Janelle Skirt ]

[ Kate Spade Madeline shirt ]

[ Clemens en August wool crepe pin tuck skirt $150 ]

[ Top Shop $70 ]

[ Alice + Olivia $260 ]

[ Kate Spade swing coat ]

I could also use a more professional bag:

[ Kate Spade satchel ]

[ Kate Spade satchel ]

[ Dooney & Burke $240 ]

While I just love-love-love my shoes (above) from Zara (scored for $50 3 years ago - they're almost vintage Chanel), I could probably use help in this department, too.

[ JCrew ]

[ DSquared ]

[ Michael Kors ]

UPDATE! I just secured an interview for Thursday... too bad I'm stuck with my usual attire. 

Photos via: Michael Kors,, Kate Spade,, Dooney & Burke,, Alice + Olivia,,,,

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