Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wall Street Journal!

I've been sitting on this puppy since before Xmas. Can't believe I haven't shared yet (limelight is my sunlight). Anyway, hubby and I were on the COVER of the Wall Street Journal last month. The cover! It's that GelaSkins pic... a photo Ms. Dee took of us on our wedding day that somehow ended up being the main sample on the GelaSkins custom site. Of course, we are so thrilled. Both for our lovely friends at GS, but also for us (another 15 minutes of pseudo-fame!). Click the image above for a larger view... yup, that's us, top-right.

[ via GelaSkins ]

[ via Mashable ]

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  1. That's hilarious Dayna! You must frame it! Hopefully that's just the first of many front pages for you! :)