Sunday, January 9, 2011

True Grit

Over Xmas, mom and I did some shopping. Of course. It was pretty much the most depressing ever. She took pity, though and I landed myself a pretty sweet pair of Nine West caramel suede wedge ankle booties:

 [ pics via ]

...and a roomy denim shirt from Jacob (also on sale)

 [ Ralph Lauren via ]

Together, the result is pretty darn country, and I like them very much with my skinny black Yoga Jeans. I guess maybe I was inspired, subconsciously, by True Grit which Alex and I caught over the holidays. I'll pretty much watch anything that the Coen brothers touch. Great flick!

Perhaps it's not really my best look, but there are some pretty cute pieces with wild west inspiration. Here are some of my faves:

 Frye boots

holster vest via

 Rag & Bone vest

 Rebecca Taylor camel coat

buffalo check shirt via

 cardigan via

 Old Navy flannel gingham shirt

 Phillip Lim poncho

H&M camel coat

[ all photos via: except where noted]

Of course, if my bestie still lived in Montana, I'd have a great source for proper cowgirl trimmings, but she's currently settled in Canada's wild west and *sigh* it's really not the same.


Looks like I might be on to something here... I was in Club Monaco yesterday, and check out the hats!


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