Saturday, December 11, 2010


[ arkells ]

(Kay, so this didn't turn out as planned. 
I WAS live blogging, until the merch table had a burst of activity and I didn't get a chance to post. Close your eyes and pretend it's yesterday.)

Friday, 10:38 PM, a little place called Hamilton:

I'm blogging live from Hamilton Place Theatre while working merch for Sweet Thing. Oh, technology. 

Arkells are up now, after performances by Huron and of course my Mister's band. During the (inevitable) encore,  a whole mess of band boys will be amassing on stage for a Bryan Adams cover. I know this because (deja vu), I did this whole thing last night. This is actually the third Sweet Thing/Arkells mash-up I've seen this month and, oh, only the five HUNDREDTH time in the last four years.
[ sweet thing, huron ]
I never get tired of it. But yes, i am finally wearing ear plugs (thanks, Max) because any more of this and I'll be deaf by 40. 

'Fraid i can't share pics as I'm stuck behind the merch table at the very back of the space and left my DSLR at home (STILL no decent camera bag). But I assure you, there is some great energy in here!


(live again)

Saturday, 3:25, my living room:

Be sure to vote for SWEET THING 
for best album on Chart Attack's site! They're currently in THIRD place! Amazing!

Oh, and I just realized that while I promoted the crap out of this on Facebook and Twitter, I completely forgot to blog it! Sweet  Thing's newest single, Lazy Susan, now has a video! Morgan directed it, and it's pretty much the best yet. Watch it here or here!

 [ big front page feature on ET Canada's site! ]

Some other videos to check out as well:

Oh, and the boys have a Wikipedia page now, too!

 [ Alex and Mini Alex. Is this my future? ]

[photos/videos via:, VEVO, (Mark Cohene),]


  1. Oh my! Cute Alex and mini Alex!!! eeee

  2. I love this song and I love this video!!!