Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 Things.

I'm going to try to adhere to a regular post, maybe once per week on Wednesdays, that is just a random "3 THINGS" that I love that week. Maybe it's music. Maybe food. A pair of shoes I can't afford. Or just a great photo. Let's see if I have follow-through, for once...

Here's this week's list:

Moles! Ok, maybe just this photo. How cute!  (photo Michael David Hill, 2005, via Wikipedia)

TWO ••
Rachel Comey Cannonball Dress. *drool* It's so ridiculously out of my price-league ($575) but a girl can dream, can't she? Check out the mauve lace panel on the back. Avail. at Narwhal Boutique, Toronto. (photos via Creatures of Comfort)

Beau's Brewery. Bought this 4-pack today with a leftover LCBO gift certificate. I am just a SUCKER for packaging. And they sure do packaging well. We haven't tried it yet, but considering it's local, organic,  and has a "light fruity taste",  I'm sure I'll love it.  (photos via ayearofbeer and apt613)

(lead photo via


  1. Narwhal - 680 Queen Street, Toronto Ontario

  2. Howdy Narwhal! Thanks for your comment. This brings up a good point. I was actually referring to Narwhal (the clothing boutique) at 8 Price Street. Not to be confused by Narwhal Art Project at 680 Queen. More info on this confusion here: