Thursday, September 9, 2010

One dress, three ways!

A friend/fellow member of the Sweet Thing extended family asked me to help her with her outfit for the TIFF screening/after-party of her film. Obviously, I was eager to oblige  - "Stylist" is one of my many make-believe job titles. 

She already has a dress - a simple black knee-length empire-waist number with thin straps. Her crew has decided on a theme, though: hot pink and black, in keeping with the promotional colour scheme of the film in question.

Since little black dresses are probably the easiest wardrobe staple to accessorize, I almost couldn't stop at three looks. But this is what I came up with - three easy TIFF-worthy styles:

(click on the images to see them larger!)


So then, since I was having OH-so much fun (flashback to childhood collage-making), I decided to do another one, just for fun, and without parameters (and pretending that it was ME going to a shi-shi TIFF party, instead):

(click on the images to see them larger!)


I've probably wasted enough time today - back to applying for jobs. Much less fun than playing dress-up for sure. Ho-hum. :(

P.S. I might skip TIFF stuff altogether - these festivals overwhelm me sometimes. BUT, I may be Alex's plus-one on Sunday for an exclusive screening of Easy A (the film featuring Change of Seasons!)! AND I also want to see it during the actual festival (yes, again) and am in the market for dates! AAAAND...I could be convinced to engage in more TIFF action if someone else wants to do the leg-work in finding a worthy film/event. 

[ layouts by yours truly! source images c/o:,, Betsey Johnson, Betty Jackson, Hervé Léger,, Juicy Couture, Yves St.Laurent, Christian Louboutin, Kenneth Jay Lane, Forever 21, Cole Haan,,, Coach,,,,


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