Tuesday, September 7, 2010


[ We clean up real nice. ]
Holy DanceMotherF*cker! It's been too long since I've posted anything here. 

Sweet Thing business has been slow-ish after a crazy few weeks of releasing the album, launching the video, visiting radio stations, and playing MTV Live and the CNE. Of course, things will pick up again by the end of the week. The boys are playing a show with K-OS in Kingston this Friday, then they head out for a few weeks supporting Justin Nozuka on a Canadian West/Central/Ontario tour. I won't be catching any of it (y'know, until Alex and I get our OWN tour bus), besides the Phoenix show. Check out details HERE!

I always have mixed feelings about these long stretches of husband-less living. I will miss him dreadfully, obviously, but I also look forward to uninterrupted creativity and productivity. Not that he's unsupportive of these things when he's here.... he's just a distraction. 


In the little break, we took off for Ottawa for the long-weekend to attend our friends' wedding. Have I mentioned that I LOVE weddings!? Especially when it's one of my forever friends marrying a super-great guy. Who's next? Who's next? 

Yup, that's me reading - it went off without a flub or a tear. Yessss. You can see that I DIDN'T wear that sequined number that I bought specifically for this occasion. I had last minute wardrobe-cold-feet and felt too conspicuous in all-sequins. There was no way I would have out-staged the bride (GORGEOUS) but I didn't want to look like I was trying. Sequins were a bit much. So I pulled this baby out of the depths of my closet. Even though I am no longer a size 2 (*sniff*), I squeezed into it. Sausage Town. Poor, poor zipper.

I didn't drink too much, and felt quite sober actually, but still ended up: riding Dawn around like a horse, reenacting the lift scene from Dirty Dancing (and failing), allowing my leg to be used as a guitar, entertaining the masses with an inside-joke lap-dance with Vicky (ahem. Ride it. My pony.), as well as inexplicably falling flat on the floor. These girls bring out the best (worst?) in me. Yikes. My camera was full of (mostly) PG pics, but I know that some incriminating evidence will surface on Facebook later. Oh dear. 

Sure, they LOOK innocent...

The DJ played two Sweet Thing tracks. This was a mix of awesome-meets-awkward for Alex and I, but everyone loved it and it was cool to see a dance floor full of random people belting out lyrics to my Mister's hits. I couldn't dance much, because I was laughing hysterically at Alex the whole time. Ha! 

The next morn, we grabbed dive-y motel breakfast with my best girls (and their best guys). 

The motel washroom vending machine sold sex toys. I suggested that they could possibly sell USEFUL items like lady-things and Advil (for post-wedding morning-after headaches) but then realized that these were much more fun. We just had to buy some, 'cause we're real mature like that.

p.s. While in Ottawa, we heard the guys on 3 different stations. Yahoooo!


So wanna know why I'm a huge loser? 

Remember how I mentioned that I was going to apply for the City of Craft holiday show this year? And how my kitchen turned into a sweatshop for a week while I sewed and cut and designed my face off? 

Well, since I have been out of the 9-to-5 for so long, I have no concept of dates (uh, what year is it?) and I mistakenly thought that the 31st was last Wednesday. Nope, it was Tuesday. So I missed the deadline to apply. ARGH! All is not lost, though. I did get a good whack of work done on my pet coats and toys, and will probably have my little Etsy shop up and running within the week. I'll need to see if I can squeeze into another craft show before Xmas (although City of Craft is the best!). 

Sneak preview:

That's news, folks. Must job hunt, grocery shop, and finish laundry. This is the REAL life of a wife of a so-far marginally successful Canadian band. Excitement! 


  1. Aww sad! I remember buying one of your naynu necklaces at a craft show. Y'see there you were going 'oh drat!' about the deadline and now that I'm reading it, I instantly think 'ok, how can I talk my way into getting Dayna into that show?' NEGOTIATE! You can do it!

  2. Ha! When I realized my blunder, I thought I might appeal to the sympathies of the City of Craft people and try to apply the next day... but then I realized that I'd have no sympathy if the tables were turned. Next time! :)

  3. Facebook evidence HAS, in fact, surfaced: http://twitpic.com/2m9nw6

    Dear lawrd.