Monday, August 30, 2010

A week in the life.

[ Sweet Thing on MTV Live! ]

I've been neglectful, I know. But unless I lugged a laptop around (yeah, still actually need to OWN a laptop. I want this.), I wouldn't have had a second of alone-time with a computer this week. Busy, busy!

And it's not just my job #1 that's taking up so much time (Best-Wife-Ever/Sweet-Thing-"Reporter") Nope. I'm working on deadlines galore. 

I've decided to apply for a craft show that happens in December. It's just the kick-in-the-butt I need to get my little pet business off the ground. The deadline is Wednesday. Plus, I was up until all hours of the night last night finishing up by Best Perogies post for BlogTO. It should go up on the site this week. I might need a break from these "Best Ofs"; they're making me fat. 

And today, I'm temping at GBC, filling in for Alex, who accepted the role before band biz came up (they were performing at XM this aft!). See: busy!

I'm really too excited to be back creating! I've made two dog coats that look AWESOME (pics soon) and need to stay up late tonight to whip up some mock-up leashes, collars and dog cookies.  Oh, and an interim website and banner for my Etsy shop. I anticipate all-nighters. (You know I love the pain, though. Read: happily self-destructive.)

Of course, I have still made time to follow Sweet Thing excitement. In the past week and a half, they performed live on MTV Live and opened for Down With Webster at the CNE! (p.s. So I think they're a bit Frosh-Dude - not my thing -  but I still can't get DWW's "Your Man" outta my head. These boys have some catchy little grooves and man do they put on a SHOW! Impressive.)

Here are some highlights!

MTV Live performance... (yes, of course I was there)

w/DWW at the CNE...

Lots of new fans! Look at all the cameras! So, we were way in the back (no interest in having elbow fights with 3000 pre-teens). Do you have better/closer pics or videos from this show? Message me! I'd love to see and share them!

My baby on the big screen! Yeah! See the guy in the foreground? He was a SUPER fan and too cute! Dude, who are you? Send me your videos - I know you filmed most of the show. Your friend also wanted a pic with me and Alex (ha! my first fan photo :) - I'd love to see it!

Me and my adorable dance-date!

Owen doles out autographs...

... and so does Alex!

Post show, and looky-looky who we found. Mr. Gavin Brown.

We didn't stick around for much of the set, but Down With Webster was killing it! I tried to snap good photos of the show from our backstage vantage point, but their ridiculous entourage was blocking my view (see photo left). Instead, I took this one from the merch table. (Hmmm, when will Sweet Thing have an entourage of this magnitude? Only a matter of time.)

Argh, this is clearly a distraction from crafting and I must get back to it. My husband is MIA (mysterious disappearance post-XM show) so I should really take advantage of the quiet house. (Quiet, minus the constant squirrel-patrol barking in the backyard.)



  1. From out east, looks like things were, are, and continue to be amazing! Miss it and all you guys.

  2. You'll have to let us know how things go with City of Craft, they have some great shows!

  3. Did the guy filming have a Sweet Thing shirt on? If so, I know him and can get on the case when he gets back to civilization. Last I heard, he's on a farm in Saskatchewan with no internet (that is of course if this is the same guy).

  4. He did, Leeann! Tall guy wearing the new logo tee. Probably the same guy, since it was like 95% girls there. :)

  5. Mark and Jeana, Ontario misses you!

  6. Haha Yes! It was him! I'll see if he's added any of the vids to facebook or youtube, I saw the pictures already. I'll be link ya out the wazoo soon I'm sure.


    Here's your fan pic. I let Adam know you featured him here and he should be contacting you soon.

  8. I hear that you are curious as to who I am. I am the super fan that you speak of! I finally found a wireless internet connection in such a small town. :) Unfortunately, I didn't record the show. I saw Sweet Thing in Hamilton in July and recorded a lot of the show, but unfortunately the audio quality wasn't that great, so I didn't record this one. So this time I mostly just danced. However, I did take a lot of pictures which are on my Facebook. (

  9. AHA! hahaha! Ah, the wonders of the Inter-web. How did we function before it? Really. Thanks for touching base, Adam! See you at the Phoenix show, maybe?

  10. here a photo that u wanted to see.!/photo.php?pid=31480125&id=1030473014&ref=notif&notif_t=like

  11. The next show I'm planning on going to is the London Music Hall show, if things work out.