Monday, August 30, 2010

Hearts growing fonder.

I miss these people. Though...I do like having distance between us. We appreciate each other more. I somehow forget that I used to want to punch my brother in the face when I watched him do innocent things like eat cereal. And how I have left permanent scars on my sister because of hairbrush fights. Nope, I just remember secret languages, dumb-kid inside jokes, fort-making, late-night bonding over wedding speeches, bunk beds, conspiracies against adults, and hysterical laughing at inappropriate times.

Now I wish we had no distance. Except 3 feet of my parents' kitchen table. I wish it was Christmas morning and we're bickering over who's going to make coffee and we're having Bailey's before noon and we're eating Pot of Gold chocolate for breakfast. I wish we were laughing at Dad (not with him). I won't take these little things for granted anymore. Promise.

My brother is in Japan (although en route "home" in 2 days) and my sister is in Costa Rica (vowing to "stay forever"). *sigh* Is it the heat? Or my age? Hormones? Isn't funny how the people who can annoy and infuriate you the most can also leave a big dumb empty hole in that inner place where you keep your best-things-of-life? 

(p.s. Happy Birthday Jill-wee!)

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  1. And I still want to punch my brother in face while eating a bowl of cereal. haha Your blog is always really inspiring, and makes me want to blog. I might have to get one over here and start up again. If I do, you'll take the blame for the monster blog storm that it creates. Lol