Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TODAY (is the greatest. day I've ever known.)

(OK, not really. The greatest day was probably my wedding, but this is pretty effin' close.)

Foux da fa fa!!!

It's here! It's here! Just ambushed the HMV at Bloor and Bay and picked up my very own copy of the brand spankin' new Sweet Thing album! Took some covert pics in the process:

OK, so I probably could have scored a freebie somehow, but I wanted the actual experience of buying it in a store. It was great! The clerk told me that she'd already sold at least 4 today (as of 11-ish when I picked it up). OMG.

Twitter mill also told us that a "crowd" was forming outside the HMV on Yonge this morn to pick up the CD and score tix to the show. Just heard from Alex that they actually SOLD OUT!!! Wow!

A pic swiped from Morgan on FB - select stores have a pretty huge feature:

I spent the day cruising Yorkville to squeeze in a gym-visit, and to buy the album (of course) and a new dress for the show (which will double as a dress for Ms.M's wedding).  Ordeal and a half, I tell you (see previous post).

Alex just  the house to go to a CityNews interview that will probably air tonight. (I'm watching now...still nothing yet.) Their week is jam-freakin'-packed with interviews. I have been "security cleared" at MTV Canada so that I can attend their MTV Live visit on Thursday. Yeah, me and a hundred screaming pre-teens. Whatevs, I'll be screaming like a pre-teen anyway. Wooooo hoo!

Buy the album today! And come to the show tomorrow! Our dancing posse is growing...

Your Yoko

p.s. did you see inside the album booklet? a little shout-out for yours truly! :)

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