Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The rise and fall of the paper bag princess.

[ the winner! via: FCUK ]

I am no longer a shabby ball-and-chain grain-sack-wearing wife of a musician. I'm fabulously glittery arm-candy!!!

After a self-pity-party (think Taylor Swift's White Horse, without the douche-y boyfriend), I shelled out some buckeroos for an on-sale sequined number from French Connection. It was one of my contenders in my last post. I was surprised to find it. In MY SIZE, no less! This dress will have to work overtime: I'm wearing it to the CD release tomorrow AND to my lovely friend's wedding in September.

Of course, it wasn't the first (or last) dress that I tried on.  Here are some of the (still pretty awesome) rejects:

[ Gorgeous and luxe silk/lace. Too boxy, maybe and I felt somehow like Lydia from Beetlejuice. Dress: Anthropologie ]

[ Loved this but it was too office-y for either occasion. Dress: Anthropologie ]

 [ Lots of options at FCUK ]

 [ crappy camera-phone pics. Gawd, clearly these dresses are made for much shorter girls. Holy legs Batman! Dresses: Anthropologie/FCUK ]

I became easily distracted and ended up hauling some non-dress items into the change room with me. I really need to just avoid shopping altogether.

 [ lovely jersey cardi with appliqué @ Anthro. I really almost bought this, but held onto a small shred of self-restraint. These jeans are my faves - Dittos that I picked up for 90% OFF in Winnipeg this summer! ]

[ But I couldn't resist the floral cotton bra/panty set... these came home with me ]

[ I also bought these pants from FCUK... also on sale. the photo does them serious injustice. so hot! ]

[ I left this pretty pencil skirt behind. Couldn't justify the $198 price tag. Yikes! ]

So I have the dress. The trick? How to accessorize this baby for each occasion (hopefully with items i already own). Here's what I'm thinking:



Of course, the problem is, I'll need to improvise. I don't own any of the above accessories (besides the white Sigerson Morrison shoes - from the wedding, and the pink tights - a gift from my ex-boss) but I can surely go Jumanji on my closet (it's a bloody jungle, I swear) and find something close. 

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  1. I'm not making it tomorrow but I have a friend who scored some tickets and we already had the dilemma of what to wear. I'd imagine it's even bigger for the first lady though. :) I have say, I love what you picked out, and I'm sure whatever you go with will be stunning! Unfortunately I'll be shining up my dancing shoes until at least September.