Sunday, June 6, 2010

Drive-by Nostalgia

I've neglected Your Yoko this week. For good reason: I was living the road life rather than talking about it! This is me resting in Calgary, after reuniting with my hubby on his X-Canada tour - he's thankful for this rare peaceful moment (and I think I might be prettier than his previous hotel roommate. Sorry Nick).

I'm back now and have lots to share, but other pressing activities must take priority. Like investigating the hamster smell in my house. And doing homework. And unpacking a whole lot of clothes that I didn't wear during my trip.

Hell, I'm sure I have time to say a few words, right? Despite unseasonable weather and missing my pooches, my mini-Prairie road trip had many highs:
  • Prairie skies
  • Sweet Thing stage presence awesomeness ("Owen is the next Mick Jagger." - Christine)
  • Coffee(s) with Liz in random cities. It's our thing.
  • Cruise control
  • Prairie dogs & red-winged blackbirds
  • Top-of-lungs sing-alongs to Lady Gaga
  • Elementary school reunions
  • Satellite radio... 90's on 9!  Toad The Wet Sprocket and Venga Boys? Please, this is clearly perfect road trip music.
  • Guitar-solo-stage-kiss!
  • "I'm a high-tech redneck!"  
  • Drive-by hometown nostalgia
  • More catch-up kissing :)
A full review will follow. Until then, my pets, enjoy some eye candy via my new SLR (yay!):

 [ big sky on the Saskatchewan plains ]

  [ pre-show dinner at Amigo's, Saskatoon ]

  [ Morgan belts it in Winnipeg ]

  [ somewhere outside Moose Jaw ]

  [ Art in Winnipeg? ]

  [ part-time replacement dog. MERMAN! ]

 [ yeah, uh-huh, that's my hubby ]

  [ making eyes with pretty girls ]

  [ Vicarious baby-love via Liz's sweet Annelie, Medicine Hat, AB ]

  [ Alex crunching numbers in Calgary. Who knew rock-stardom would involve so much math?! ]

  [ Winnipeg loves Sweet Thing ]

  [ prairie funnel clouds ]

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