Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet Thing X-Canada Tour, Part 2

The guys made more progress yesterday, almost making it to the Manitoba border before crashing in Dryden last night. They hope to make it to Saskatoon today - another 15 hour drive. Owen just tweeted: "First time in Manitoba today! Prairies here we come. Boy, roadside motels have got some comfy, cardboard, beds." I hope that they stop in Portage La Prairie, where I spent a good chunk of my childhood. I can't wait to see it myself! One week!

I stayed up super late last night watching Murial's Wedding (this is a week of chick flicks!) so that I would crash; i was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep without Alex's snoring unless I was ridiculously tired. Funny the things you take for granted.

Skype chatting with my brother right now. He's in Japan living in a 157 sq.ft. (or 8 "tatami") apartment with one other person. This is the entire kitchen space:


Must get this day started! On the agenda: smoothie-of-all-smoothies, gym, design work, dog walking, homework.


  1. Hi Dana,

    Just caught on to your blog. Wow! Impressive. Great way to stay up to date with all the goings-on going on. Thanks!

    Super Mark

  2. Dayna, I agree with the above comment (now that I am caught up) I love keeping up with not just Sweet Thing news, but always look forward to your quirky stories and clever writing! My opinion-don't cut the hair, not that your little collage of styles were not all adorable long or short, and about every color I have ever had....but the long and bangs now is soooo cute, esp with the amazing rocker wife outfits! Take care and wish the boys my best!!!! (and to repeat myself and them to Chicago someday!!!....hopefully by then I can be a special guest for helping sell that future show out?) tee hee!