Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Departed: Sweet Thing X-Canada Tour, Part 1

[ Day 1: Toronto to Iron Bridge ]

After more than 24 hours of pure panic, the boys were on their way. While they intended to leave in the wee hours yesterday to begin their trip across Canada, one blow after another meant that departure was delayed until late yesterday afternoon.

  [ Tyler drives a whopping 570 km in their first day ]

Everything was ready. Or so it seemed until the trailer that they intended to borrow from another band fell through. The boys drove all over the city and Alex held down command central calling every truck rental joint within driving distance. I scoured craigslist and kijiji hoping to find a used trailer as a back-up. Finally, the lovely boys of Arkells saved the day, offering to lend theirs. Honestly, so lovely. 

Thinking that the problem was solved, they then realized that their van's brake light cable connections were not straightforward and appeared to need fixing. Nick and Tyler crisscrossed the city, hitting two Canadian Tires and a GMC dealership. The second Canadian Tire location seemed optimistic, but their electrical guy was backed up all afternoon. So, they could only wait. Meanwhile, Alex hit the phones again, trying to secure a plan B, should the electrical problem not be fixable. No one had any large vans, or they closed early. Long weekend. Of course. FINALLY by 4pm yesterday, "Mike the Mechanic" at Canadian Tire was able to resolve the issue. YAY!

Was all of this a bad omen? Nah.

By this time, I was out with Leah and Oliveah, my weekend guests from Ottawa (at the Woodbine race track, of all places), and didn't get a true goodbye kiss. Better that way. I might have caused a mushy runny-mascara scene.

Last night, to take my mind off of my missing husband, the girls and I went rollerskating at Scooters in Mississauga. A smidgen ghetto, OK, but way, way amazing! I might have mused about becoming a roller derby star after seeing Whip It, but after last night, I could be seriously considering a new career... not really.

Sorry, tangent. While at the "roller palace", I received a text from Alex saying that they had made it just past Sudbury (almost running out of gas on the way) and were staying at the Red Top Motor Inn in Iron Bridge overnight. They apparently saw two bears and a road-kill moose along the way. Yikes! I 'm totally glad that I opted to FLY to Winnipeg rather than drive it alone. I'm a white-knuckle driver in those parts - hitting wildlife is my worst nightmare. *shudder*

This morning, they were in the Sault by 9:30am and are hoping to make it to Dryden today (a 15-hour drive). I haven't had a chance to really miss my Mister just yet - I've been surrounded by great company, and of course the dogs help fill Alex's spot in the bed.

I'll be tracking their journey across Canada all week...stay tuned!

p.s. One week until I fly out west! I've booked my tickets and my car, so it's real now!


  1. Update, 6pm: the guys have just passed Thunder Bay. Missing him more and more... chick flicks by my lonesome tonight.

  2. LOVE rollerskating!!! Your dance moves were wicked!!! xoxoxox

  3. So, you think I could make it as a full-time rink rat? Like our hero? ;)