Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Things!

Only two days left until the official radio release of the boys' first single, Dance Mother! The moment of truth, perhaps? Apparently, it works like this: their label shops them around to appropriate stations across Canada (in this case, rock radio), providing a set release date (April 12th), then stations can choose to air the song (or not). It could get zero radio play altogether, or just a couple of weeks on off-peak rotation, OR this could be IT. I am impatient; this is lip-biting agony. But, I have faith. In Toronto, the Edge seems to already be behind the band, and I suspect that the song will get decent exposure. As for the rest of Canada, we'll have to wait until Monday... 

In other exciting Sweet Thing news, the Dance Mother music video is complete! Post-production wrapped up only yesterday, and Alex and I screened the final version this morning while still in housecoats. Bandwife perks, you see.

I am also privy to some other top-secret info. I can't share details just yet, but I will say that a pretty substantial tour is in the works, with tentative dates already planned for the Western provinces. Of course, things in this business change altogether too often for my liking and I won't be planning a road trip just yet. But Tabor, clear your schedule in early June; our Thelma and Louise moment is imminent!


  1. West coast dates you say???? Keep me posted. Love Santa.

  2. I have all the faith in the world that Chicago will be part of a tour someday and if not I will cry myself to sleep every night. No, really. Thanks as always for the info Dayna! *Fingers crossed and sending much good luck to you all*!