Sunday, April 11, 2010


Can I please talk about my hair again? Alex is tired of my flip-flopping, I think. Or maybe he just wants to stop talking about hair altogether. 

 [ a rare glimpse of my natural hair colour ]

I'm 80% in favour shearing off my length for an easy-to-manage short do, but I have my moments. We watched An Education and I suddenly longed for enough hair to fashion a french twist. But then I had a bangs-in-my-face meltdown and was reaching for the unforgiving scissors again.

[ carey mulligan's cute up-do in An Education ]

[ even SHE cut off her locks, though ]

As for colour, i am still loving almost-grey/white blonde, but I know that the upkeep is expensive and harsh. So what about my god-given goods: my natural hair colour? I haven't seen it since the early 90s and have little recollection of it. Has it changed since then? Do I have any greys? 

I've refrained from colouring for a few months. I am a drug-store do-it-yourself $8-boxed-dye girl, and maintenance is therefore cheap and easy. But my roots are showing. Now I look cheap and easy. I can tell that my natural colour is considerably lighter than I remembered, but our crappy bathroom light makes it difficult to tell. This is what I imagine my natural colour to be, now:

[ "Light Ash Brown", I guess. Mousy, but maybe I could rock it? ]

While I grow out my bangs a bit, i still have time to think. Thanks for letting me get this out, and for giving Alex's ear a little rest.


Just for fun, since we're on the topic of hair: My friend Elena once volunteered for a hair show and ended up, to her horror, with a cut similar to this:

I actually had this cut when I was 5. You know, if I had actually brushed it after playing on the Slip n' Slide:

[ mom, what were you THINKING?! ]

Vanessa seems to think I should give it another try. Hah. I think there may be like 6 people in the world (including the model above) who should even attempt this look. Elena and I are not among this group. Clearly.


  1. I love the idea of

    - grey/white blonde
    - short and chic

    However, I have never met I woman who didn't look GORGEOUS as they came.
    Think make-up vs. none, tattoos vs. none, straightener vs. natural waves etc you get the point.