Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Oh my goodness, life is good: a little physical contact (albeit PG) from Strombo himself followed by a live Sweet Thing show to be aired on The Hour next week? *Blink, blink* The boys were asked to perform a Ramones cover for a Christmas special to air December 21st and 24th. Being there was surreal; it was certainly an ideal use of a Tuesday afternoon. Work shmork. 

Tonight, Alex and I will be celebrating his TV debut with a little wine and sushi, before returning to the real world again tomorrow. For now, I bid blogging adieu as we pretend, just for one day, that this is our life.


p.s In light of "borrowing" Ms.Ono's name for this blog, I have decided to keep the connection relevant by featuring my favourite Yoko Tweet of the day. I don't actually believe in Twitter myself, but this feisty lady's daily thoughts are too bizarre not to acknowledge. 

Yoko-ism of the Day: "Is anything lopsided in your room? Would you like more lopsided things in your room?"  


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