Friday, December 18, 2009


Honeymoon phase, no honeymoon. It's been almost 3 months since the wedding, but we haven't yet managed to find time to get away. We were married only a month after Alex returned from LA where the boys of Sweet Thing were recording their first full-length album. 

Finally, things are happening for the band! This does not bode well for my plans to skip town for a week. There have been meetings and fittings and rehearsals, oh my! Did I mention that the poor man is still working a day job? When the album drops (in March, we are told) I can imagine we'll see even less of each other - the months of touring will begin. *sniff, sniff* Well, it does keep things spicy; airport reunions are ever so romantic! 

[ world's tallest elevator (I'm totally guessing) - Dallas,TX airport... an unexpected stop on our last vacation together. Oops.]

A nice little travel window opened up when Alex found out that his company was shutting down for three weeks at Christmas (jeeeeaaaaallllous), and two of his bandmates were heading home for the holidays. For me, however, December is possibly the worst timing. Welcome to the world of retail.

We have tentatively earmarked a week starting January 4th, and plan to try booking something last-minute. Clearing the dates with his label and manager still did not instill any confidence in me. Alex rarely knows the details of any show until he's in soundcheck. The music industry is frustratingly disorganized and laissez-faire. It's maddening I tell you, MADDENING! Oh Yoko, maybe we do understand each other. Or maybe you would tell me that I need more peace...

Although Alex is pushing to book, I am holding out. I don't trust that some once-in-a-lifetime tour/appearance/show isn't going to suddenly drop from the sky. I am not packing my 6 bathing suits just yet. 

[ love this suit - bought an army green and turquoise version at AA in NYC after realizing my hotel had a serious scenester pool area ]

The destination? This year, Dominican Republic. We always cave and opt for an all-inclusive (we've done Cuba and Mexico twice already), although I did have an adventurous moment where I thought exploring Morocco or trekking through Peru would be the most divine honeymoon. I'm over it. Some day, some day... After a December like ours, the only trekking I'm doing will be the shortest trip from the buffet to the beach to bed. We picked a quiet little resort, far, far from the spring break crowds of Peurto Plata and Punta Cana. It's near Samana, which is on an odd secluded little Peninsula on the Northwest side of DR. Ahhhhhh.

[ our potential honeymoon destination...fingers crossed! ]

Hopefully the life of a rock star will afford many opportunities to travel, and when he's actually making money (not holding my breath), maybe the life of a band wife will afford the same luxury. So far, I've tagged along to Montreal and LA. It's a start. Lavish vacationing may not be in my immediate future, but It'll be a bloody miracle if we can, at the very least, pull off a modest week-long honeymoon in the midst of music chaos. 

[ me and the Mister in Cozumel, post-engagement! ] 

[ taking advantage of the sweet (thing) life, with a jaunt down to LA ]
Yoko-ism: "As I told myself then, I could never give up on life as long as the sky was there."

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