Monday, February 11, 2013

Supper Club!

Kay. Bear with me here.

This is an experiment and you are my test subjects. No, I will not force to you inhale pollen and then inject you with a new trial antihistamine. No, you will not be poked. Nor prodded. No, you will not be paid.

I will, however, force to you read what will likely be gibberish, as my typing is fueled by tequila and white wine. The experiment is as follows: I blogging in a timely fashion. As in, fresh. Like, ALMOST LIVE, YOU GUYS. *gasp*

This never happens.

I like to write a bunch of nonsense, edit it 60 times over the course of 4 months until the content is irrelevant and stale, and if I'm not toooootally bored of it, post it sheepishly and hope you'll read it.

I suck at punctuality.

But, I'm kiiiiinda excited and energized by a pretty lovely group of gals that just whooshed out of my house  (literally 10 minutes ago!) after an awesome night of nibbles and drinks prepared by me!

Here's the thing: I'm left-brained, so I'm supposed to be a better cook than a baker. True. But I'm so repelled by rules that I frequently botch meals due to over-experimentation. (I think I know everything. I will not be convinced otherwise.)

But sometimes, I'm lucky.

Tonight, I hosted Supper Club – a monthly food-centric get-together with seven of my gal-pals. The previous hosts decided to work around themes (Mexican, Thai, Paleo), but I elected to use my night to try out some recipes I'd spied (and pinned) on Pinterest. A social media-themed meal? How very, very predictable.

Because the recipes were so well-received (even though, of course, I meddled with them), I decided to share them with not only my Supper Club, but also with you. 

Thanks, internet.

The Menu:

Goat Cheese Balls (note: ran outta time and didn't make these, but they're too cute to skip)

Cheesy Quinoa Cakes
Roasted Butternut & Coconut Soup
Lemony Avocado Tomato Chick Pea Salad

Cucumber Lime Fizz


PS. The whole meal is gluten-free (I subbed rice flour for wheat flour in the quinoa cakes), and vegetarian!

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