Sunday, August 12, 2012

virgin (tattoo) diaries pt. 2

One month! One month!

If you haven't read Part 1, you can do so here. Lazy? Here's the gist: wanted a tattoo forever, finally committed, booked a super in-demand artist, had to wait 6 months for my appointment. Well, 6 months is now 1. 40 days, to be exact. I'm not quite sure how I haven't been bursting with impatience. Well, I have. But what can I do? I haven't even seen the final drawing yet. Really, I'm not even sure he's started it yet, but I'm trying not to be THAT girl. I'll bug him in a couple of weeks, yeah?

All of this waiting has not allowed doubt to creep in, like you might expect.

Nope. In fact, quite the opposite. I've already decided on my next THREE tattoos. Oh boy. Here's the thing: if, in an interview, say, you asked me to name my greatest weakness, I'd probably not say "getting caught up in things" but that would be the truth. I'd likely choose a strength disguised as a weakness ("I'm such a perfectionist."), something that didn't paint me as a flake prone to too-romantic whims. But I am that. And well, I'm "caught up" in this thing. 

I suppose I should wait for my 1st before being so rash. Extreeeemes!

But if I love it as much as I think I'm going to, here's the (body) map of my tattoo-plan:

Lower left arm: birds & flowers
Upper right arm: bees!
Right wrist: my sis and I are getting matching word tattoos, something from our secret sister-language, natch
Leg TBD: bike (avec doggie riding in basket!)

I'm a ridiculous human.

I also just bought tickets to see Rich Aucoin (my latest music-crush) at Lee's Palace on the very same day as my tattoo appointment. Bloody gauze and front-row dancing. Yeah!

Stay tuned, my pets!

Until I can share images of the actual thing, enjoy some inspiration I found in my travels:

p.s. The images on the left side of each panel above are the work of tattoo artist Peter Aurisch. One day I will travel to Berlin and make him draw pretty things on me.

(Other photo sources here)

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