Monday, March 19, 2012

Seasonally challenged

Spring, is that you?
Yes, I'm going though something (what?) but I think it's fair to blame most of it on the weather, yeah? The sun is my mood ring in the sky. She tells me what to feel, but she's clearing going through some crazy mid-30s thing, too. Mood swinging right along with me. Dude, so not helping.

Winter, at least in these parts, was flaccid. If not for two well-timed trips out of the city, my Cougar boots would have seen zero action this season. And that's really no fun at all. I see no practical use for celibacy. I'm not a skier, normally. Nor have I laced skates in recent memory. But suddenly, I wanted these things in my life. Badly. Because i couldn't have them, natch. You want my attention: play hard to get. (No don't.)

(Trading up my cougars for these puppies. But I don't deserve it yet //Keds for Madewell)

Spring just isn't quite so delicious unless it comes on the heels of 3 months of suffering bus-stop waits and near-frostbite due to ill-chosen footwear. This is why I love Canada, usually. Renewal and reward happen naturally four times a year (without asymmetric haircuts or accent walls).

So, YEAH I feel a little ripped off. A bit undeserving of spring. Anticlimax. And you know how I hate straight lines - I thrive on ups and downs and up-up-UPS! Stagnancy is my hell. And well, fall bled into "winter" and suddenly became spring-ish without doing much work at all. Meh.

OK, I'm not really complaining. I see an opportunity for melodrama, I take it. C'mon, you know me by now. In reality, it's having positive effects. It's gorge out this week and even though it doesn't smell like spring or involve any melting whatsoever, it's nice. My soul is getting a little colour. A few extra minutes of vitamin-D absorption and I suddenly feel a renewed sense of motivation and positive energy? Lawd, I'm SO easy.

Honest? I'm in the mood for spring. And love! And change! And bikes! And drinking in the park! And really, whatever it may bring in these globally-warmed times. 

I need this. I'm trading up my drab winter blues for happier spring hues - cobalt  and azure and periwinke, oh MY! Peppered with polka-dots and shots of orangey-red, how can I NOT feel uplifted? Kay, so I'm not allowed to shop right now, but it doesn't hurt to fill up dot-com shopping carts and hover a shaky hand over my credit card before I close the browser, right?

Enjoy some well-seasoned picks for spring (that you'll probably never actually see me wearing). Help a sister out, will ya?

Bling. Mendoza Earrings $635 // House of Harlow 1960 Antler Ring $98

Let's picnic then make out in the sand. 
J Crew Factory stripe pocket shirt // Baggu tote $35

Head scarves. I'll be such a babe in these. Also I may just start a hot-chick bike gang with this girl, because she's on the scarf program too. 
(Elle France / Karen Walker)

Oh hi boys, just goin' to the farmers market.
Pantora chevron dress on ETSY - SOLD while writing this post (frownsy face!) // Baggu tote

 Jenfashion circle skirt on ETSY $69
Yes, 3rd Baggu bag in this post. But don't you just love these?! There suuuper cheap, too. $35 // Faryl Robin Pump $79

Kathryn Amberleigh T-Strap Pump $139 // Stripe/floral scarf $30

(I feel better already.)

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