Sunday, January 29, 2012

alt design summit!

Ooh, look at me blogging twice in a week!

It's because I'm inspired. And I'm keeping this up. Brownie promise.

Why this sudden surge of love for my blog (and a whole re-design, too)? Of course I've been missing it. A lot. Since making the very difficult decision to take a break from blogTO, I've been making less and less time for blogging. I'm terrible without externally-imposed deadlines. So, 2012 was earmarked for doing more "wannas" and fewer "shoulds".

Mostly, though, it's because I just spent 4 days with some of the most remarkable and stylish ladies around. GelaSkins sent me to the Altitude Design Summit, or "Alt", to glean some social media know-how and get our product into the hands of some super-influencers. And that I did. But I gained so much personally, too. A few tangible take-aways, for sure, but mostly an overall renewed creative spirit. Inspiration up the knish.

So if you were worried about my mental health after the last blog: no fear. My Sin City sins were cleansed in God's country. Luckily, I was not struck by divine lightning. I flew from LAS to SLC in time to meet hubby for a mini-vacay. There's not a ton going on in Utah unless you're a skier. Which I am not (don't let the header photo fool you). We were going to attempt the hills anyway, but I messed up my knee while being typically spastic. Bummer, but the nothingness turned out to be necessary. I dried out and detoxed with the Mister thanks to 12-hour sleeps, hot tub soaks, cable TV, and amazing food.

Alt began on Wednesday after hubby packed up for home. I met some incredible people - some internet-turned-real-life and brand-brand new friends. Big love to these awesome ladies: Jess, Chelsea, Robin, Nicole, Alyssa, Melissa, Amy, Megan, Michelle, and Jenean

Oh, and you know, I just...

  • Stenciled napkins and hand-made picked shallots. 
  • Rubbed elbows with some design superstars like Amy Butler (!!!)
  • Sat front row for Pinterest founder Ben Silberman's standing-ovation-worthy keynote.
  • Attended a blog design session (co-hosted by new real-life friend, Alyssa of welikewelove!) that was super-duper helpful for someone who only pretends to know her way around web design. It's not my medium. I try.
  • Learned how to be press-ready. Something I could have used prior to botching some video interviews at CES... yikes.

The experiences were out of this world. Too many to describe. While Vegas may have changed me in one way (uh-oh), Utah did it in quite another. Balance is restored.

Life-planning is coming along...

I'm starting a Happiness Project.

I'm setting real goals.

I'm doing what I love. 

(I think there's still room for "DO EPIC SHIT", right? :)

[ photos: moi, moss + sage, irocksowhat ]


  1. It was so fabulous to meet you at ALT! You are such a sweet person and I'm so glad that we got a chance to get to know each other at our fabulous dinner event!

  2. I am loving the positive energy in this post! Yay for 2012!

  3. It was soooo great to meet you! You were like a beam of sunshine every time I saw you. I love the new look of your blog and your are going to rock it, girl!

  4. So nice to meet you! You have such a great spirit! So happy we sat next to each other in that first class-- I had a new friend for the rest of the conference!

  5. Oh, and the blog design looks great!!