Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raindrops on roses, yo.

( print by Tender Beasts on Etsy )
I'm good, I'm good.

See: I've cycled through my woman-time and the six (seven?) levels of grief regarding the bad news (still a secret, though I've told like 18 people now) and I've perked up like my partially-dehydrated houseplants when I remember to water them. Which, by the way, is rarely. But, now my metaphor doesn't work. I'm usually perky. Much UNlike my houseplants. Gah. (Trying not to delete and rewrite. Must. Keep. Writing.)

This sole houseplant is surviving/thriving (somehow). Much like me. (Stop)

I'm bouncing around like myself in new shoes today. These:

But if you were aware of my "Buy Nothing Month" pact with Alex (well, now you are), don't worry: they were purchased last week and just arrived in the mail. Segue: We bought a couch. I could say that we needed one, but not in the way you need, say, water. Or air. But in the same way I need a new winter scarf: the old one is tattered and sorta embarrassing. It was the black spot/sheep in our decor transformation (4 years of on-a-dime DIY blood-n'-sweat). We didn't have the money but it was 70% off and we couldn't wait. Alas, to justify it, we are currently suffering through self-imposed "Buy Nothing Month". Toilet paper and TTC tokens and groceries are exempt. We're even allowing movie rentals, in the event that we watch everything worth watching on Netflix (we have).


I hold my breath while typing.

So, I can't shop, but it's not preventing me from looking. And maybe filling my virtual shopping cart. And maybe hovering a shaky hand over my wallet. But no. We need to pull up our socks. I have baby fever and I told Alex that I want to be preggers in less than 2 years (my mother is, at this very moment, jumping around and popping corks and buying a crib). Whoa.

My sister says that the best part of my blog is that I can never stay on topic. Happy, Jill-mu?

OK, back on track. Yes. I started a "3 Things" theme a while back and planned weekly posts of my top three loves of the week. Flaked out. Then I figured I'd re-brand it as a "Favourite Things" (Sound of Music-themed) weekly post, because being bound to finding exactly 3 things was stifling. I bailed on that too. But maybe a loosely bi-weekly/when-I-feel-like-it schedule will work for me.

Today, I feel like it.

Here are a few of my brand-new very favourite things!

Whaaaaaaat? THIS IS THE BEST THING. EVER. OF ALL TIME. Alex is grumpy about it because he can't get a beard AND hair on the same Muppet. But he should suck it up because THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. Also, he loves Muppets as much as I do. Which is a lot.

2. Dog Print Leggings (and pretty much everything in the Qoo Qoo Etsy shop)

I obviously need these. I am obviously not crazy enough about my dogs. Your dogs. Any dogs, really. I bought a locket last week. It has two slots for photos. Alex didn't make the cut. DOGS IN BOTH SIDES! Everything by Qoo Qoo is so bloody cute. "Buy Nothing Month", you are my arch nemesis. 

3. Ryan Gosling/Polygamy


We saw Drive last night. (Another exemption: it was our anniversary. GET OFF MY BACK!). While the film wasn't totally my thing (Art House meets Slasher. Meh.), it was beautifully shot and is TWO HOURS OF DREAMY! Oh, Ryan Gosling. Stop being so damn melt-y. I'll even give up Jason Schwartzman AND Adrian Brody AND James McEvoy for you.

Not since my chest-pain inducing crush on every member of NKOTB (except Danny) some 20 years ago have I felt so utterly heart-smashed over a perfect stranger. And I'm married. Inappropriate, what!? But somehow, as every hetero woman in the world can attest: it's unavoidable. Disclaimer: this is clearly Wonderland and has no impact on my real-life man-crush/house-husband. Though, I have contemplated polygamy-friendly states for our next move. 

I fear for the safety of his next GF. Selena Gomez, much? Ravenous 30-somethings are perhaps more dangerous that their pre-teen counterparts.

No. I stand corrected. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. Maybe I can buy the Qoo Qoo leggings and teach my dogs to jump rope with me and we jump rope together (avec leggings)? Maybe Qoo Qoo will make me custom leggings with the head of "Mayonnaise", the world-record rope-jumping dog (complete with pink/blue ears) as a repeating pattern? Maybe they can make matching leggings for my jump-roping dogs? Maybe Alex will leave me and I will become the dog equivalent to the crazy cat lady. (Don't leave me)

[ Photos via: Pinterest, FAO Schwartz, Guinness World Records, Etsy, Qoo Qoo, Aldo, Tender Beasts, Urban Home, Me ]


  1. Don't be silly - I haven't bought a crib. With all the other baby stuff I have crammed in the closet, there just isn't any more room. Kidding. Ryan Gosling is certainly lust-worthy (tho not from this gal)but I will be more than happy (read "over the moon") with a little-Alex-grandbaby.

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