Sunday, June 19, 2011


(I'm not much for matchy-matchy, but I was just a little delighted that my Pim's cocktail coordinated so well with my outfit!)

Would you believe: I lugged my monster camera around all day for no reason? Yeah, it seems that without the battery, it's pretty useless. Yup, just another one of those typically-me things. Ugh. And I thought i was being so smart by charging it before we left...

So, wedding #1 of the season happened yetserday, and while it was so incredibly gorgeous, I can't prove it. Their photographer (and every other person in attendance, no doubt) will have photos for me to steal on Facebook later. But for now, crappy iPhone photos will have to do.

(Congrats to Tahiti-bound Mark & Elena!)

I had a wardrobe meltdown mere hours before the event. As of yesterday at noon, I was still without shoes. I had even started to look for a back-up dress when my panic shoe shopping trip proved completely disappointing. Ridiculous, considering the trouble it took to get the dress (yes, I bought the grey J.Crew number on eBay! Yes, it arrived despite the mail strike!).

I was on the hunt for these sandals, but it turns out that the entire city was out of size 9 in this style. Desperation almost led me to buy the size 8 pair, hoping noone would notice. This, however, is the reason our pantry (turned shoe closet) is full of footwear that I never wear. Size is no object! Must. Have. Shoes. *drooooool*

But common sense prevailed and I managed to find these beauties when I had almost lost hope:

Zara $39

(My mother is currently rolling her eyes smugly. "Typical," she is thinking. We bought my prom shoes the day of my prom. I work best under pressure? Eh, well, I have to.)

I also picked up an inexpensive woven clutch, and a bottle of coral nail polish.

 Aldo $39

Already in my wardrobe repertoire, my vintage lace jacket and J.Crew crystal necklace finished the job.

Vintage $35

Accesorizing this dress last-minute was cheaper that I expected. Sometimes shopping under pressure means spending more than you need to. And even though I KNEW this day was coming, I still put myself in this situation. Sigh. I'm happy with the final product, but not necessarily the resulting ulcers. 

I used to live for this kind of stress. It's wearing thin.

 (Crop fail. Alex isn't really a pro with the iPhone camera yet.)

Two more weddings to go this summer, and I think I already have #2 in the bag. No more same-day shopping for this girl. Luckily, the dress will get me through all three (provided I manage to dodge stains - this is a difficult task) and one handsome accessory will never change:


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