Thursday, November 18, 2010


Capital T. Trouble.

If I had met this girl when I was single or young (or both), we would have found plenty of trouble together. But I'm married now, so I'm not allowed to have any fun. Kidding. But really, it's probably a good thing that I met her post-Alex.

She's road-tripping with me to see Sweet Thing in Ottawa and stay with my folks (they're getting a HOT TUB)! Too excited about what kind of shenanigans we might find.

I think I attract trouble. Or maybe I bring it out in people. Or do they unleash it in me? My high school friend's mother never liked me because she thought I was a bad influence. It was, in fact, entirely the other way around. I was a good girl until I met that group, but of course, her mother didn't really want to see it that way.  

All of my favourite people are so bad-ass in their own way. (And most of them live tooooo far away)

Like this one. Oh, don't be fooled by the fact that she's probably THE nicest person I know. This innocent smile can be deceiving. This is us last year at my wedding. 

But things weren't always so pretty...


Then there's this one. Oh my. I would say that Trouble is her middle name but her real middle name (and first name and last name) are already so freakin' cool. And not made up. Legit. (But yeah, trouble)

My sister (trouble).

This one. Hell yeah.

Don't even get me STARTED.

Oh lordy...

Mom/Trouble. Seriously. (Genetic?)

Have I mentioned how much I love these people? 

OK, so I've made my own contributions...

Good clean fun.

I'm just really thankful to have some seriously ridiculous people in my life. And I'm happy none of them have been arrested yet. 



It is with great regret that inform you that I missed the biggest troublemaker of all. She JAY-WALKED the other day. *GASP* 

Pretty much pure evil. I think a general rule of thumb is to never trust red heads (real or otherwise).

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