Monday, August 16, 2010

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

I love you, tomorrow! You're only a daaaaaay aaaaaa-waaaaaay! (Oh, Little Orphan Annie, your soundtrack is blissful melodrama)

Finally (geez, FINALLY), Sweet Thing's very first full-length is available tomorrow! EEK! If you're uber-duber impatient (like me) you can stream it online via Much Music TODAY. Or pre-buy on Amazon. But trust me, it's worth the wait.

(keep reading... more amazing news from your friendly neighbourhood power-pop band to come!)

Of course, if you come to the official release party on Wednesday (Leah, you MUST find a way to get here - you MUST!), you can buy it in person and get the lovely boys to sign it for you. Y'know if you're into that kinda thing. If you hurry (go! now!), you can win tickets here!

Hopefully Alex will remember to sign his new name. I'm practicing mine (for signing checks, not autographs, of course):

This last weekend, we heard Change of Seasons and Dance Mother on THREE separate stations plus the Galaxie Hit List channel on TV. Whoa momma! Looks like another Ottawa station has added the second single (Kiss 105.3).

ALSO (as if it wasn't already good enough!) Change of Seasons is the iTunes freebie of the week!! Click here to get it. One fan said: "It's about time we got a decent freebie of the week, because they have been pretty lame the past few weeks. This song is good. Get it now!!" 5 stars!

You can also download a Sweet Thing app for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch ("There's an app for that." !?! I know, right?!). So, I have a Blackberry because my nails hinder my iPhone typing abilities and I just find that flash-texting and emailing-while-walking are much easier on a BB. Unfortunately, that means I can't get the app. But I am sleeping with the guitarist, so maybe that makes up for it. ;)

Saw what I *think* is the final edit of the music video. So, so great. Thanks to Morgan's gemini-winning editing prowess, he was able to collaborate with the editor to come up with a cut that is truly representational of the band. It's bubbly, a bit weird, and just so fun to watch. I swear, there's this one shot that will melt hearts and panties. Oh, Owen. *siiiigh*

You'll have to wait, though.
So, Kim picked me up a copy of Famous mag this week, so I was able to see the article in. the. FLESH. In print! I gave that copy to my dad, though, 'cause he's just so ridiculously proud. That means - I need another copy. I will for sure pick one up when we go check out Scott Pilgrim (soon, soon) but grab me one, will ya? In case I forget. Hmmm'yeah, right!

p.s. of course, we're back from the bush and sleeping in real beds and having real showers again. Many pics and goodies to come this week, but I have to prioritize money-making endeavors like finding a legit job and writing about perogies (my new BlogTO assignment). More soon, my pets!


  1. I tunes, can't download free single, only preview? Ahh 1 more day, I will buy hard copy but hope to DL it all in the AM before work!!! YAY!!! xo

  2. Maybe because you're in the States? Or maybe the promo is now over? Just bought mine!!!