Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

[ Julie B├ęgin via trendland.net ]

This bloody thing needs a makeover. Your Yoko has runs in her stockings, lipstick on her teeth, and flyaways to the moon! Much like me, of course. However, I take great pains to ensure that my online self is much more polished than my real-life self. This draws much chiding from Alex, who thinks I'm being too vain and self-conscious. But why not? If I can create an online version of myself that's still me, but with fewer blemishes (thanks PS rubber stamp tool!), less awkwardness and the illusion of grace, I'll take it. It's escapism, to a degree. I'd love to be the girl with perfect posture who never has mascara smudged on her face. But, *sigh*, I'm not.

Anyway, my lackluster blog design needs a fresh coat of paint. While I'll just have to be happy with my real self - flaws and quirks included - I do have control over this. Bear with me while I undergo renovations; it could look a little wonky for a few days.

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