Monday, August 23, 2010


Is DIY, like, SO last season? I don't know... I've been rocking it since the 80s, when everything I owned was hand tie-dyed and all of my Christmas gifts were made from papier maché. Exhibits A and B:

[ rolled-down wellies. so hot. ]

And I just DIY'ed my whole wedding (the 'Y' standing for me, plus Alex, and a gaggle of our amazing friends and family). Everything was made from scratch: the dessert, my hairpiece, the invites, décor. Madness!

 [ THE dress, before and after I got my grubby little hands on it ]

[ handmade invites! ]

Maybe it's just the term: "DIY". I think maybe I'm as sick of it as I am with the terms "green" and "eco". Maybe because Etsy made it possible for every macrame-mamma to sell handmade goods to the entire planet. Not that I'm complaining. Etsy is incredible! I ran a little Etsy shop for almost 2 years, selling my handcrafted bags and jewellery. And of course, when I actually make time for it, I plan to re-open shop under a new name, selling my handmade pet coats (the first step in Project Be-My-Own-Boss). 

 [ one of my old Naynu clutch designs (SOLD) ]

So yeah, I have a confession: I abuse DIY in an obscene way. Everything is a bloody project. I don't think the concept is dead though...maybe we just need another term, because this one is getting muddied by so many handcrafted horrors (thanks, Regretsy). Any suggestions?

 [ via regretsy ]

Anyway, I will continue to do-it-myself, thank-you-very-much. Because: a. I love it. b. It's in my blood (thanks, Grandma Murray).  c. I'm a control freak  d. It's an extension of my other sickness: extreme frugality. 

...AND best of all: e. Because it may have finally paid off in a big way! I'm not getting my hopes up, nor am I sharing too much. But, if all goes well, I may be lending my craftiness to a nation-wide TV program. EEK! It's all up in the air, but even to be CONSIDERED is so great! More later...


  1. Keep on craftin'!
    Doing things yourself will never go out of style.
    When I make something for myself I feel totally awesome about it and love showing it off.

  2. Yeah, decided today to apply for a craft show in December. Gotta get motivated! Thanks Mr.L! ;)