Thursday, August 19, 2010

All that glitters.

Promise (cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die), promise, I will write a FULL post about last night's CD Release Party (aaaaammmmmaaazing!) and upload some of my 300-odd photos, but I really should be writing about perogies for BlogTO first, and this particular (and very short) post is about ME.

OK, only because I made a huge fuss over my outfit this week, I feel that we needed some closure here. The dress was a hit! Managed to find somewhat appropriate accessories, although the leopard bangle in my last post would have been amazing. 

 [ FCUK dress, Franco Sarto patent wedges, loose messy bun + lash-help, and a mish-mash of huuuge accessories ]

Gotta say: I felt  little conspicuous in sequins and legs-to-the-moon walking alone down College Street at 7:30pm (ie. it was DAYLIGHT). Met up with Sheila, Shemeena and Alexis for some pre-show white sangria at Vivoli and luckily the sun set pretty quickly. Whew.

I lost a hundred-thousand sequins while dancing. And while shoving my way through the too-packed after party (Owen was a little generous with the invites). But by the end of the night, I managed to not look like a melt-y mess. The trick: no bangs. I am FOR REAL growing them out now. Brownie Promise.

[ The final product. Photo by Ms.Mistletoe ]


  1. My friend and I commented on how much we loved your dress last night :)

  2. awww you're so great!
    although I for one, am thankful for owen's generous invites! meant we got to party more!

  3. Meredith, ABSOLUTELY! I'm only sad that my posse already went home! :(