Monday, June 14, 2010

Progress. You can't stop it!

[ Alex rocks Winnipeg ]

I should be getting ready for my business plan class that starts in an hour, or at least finishing up way-last-minute homework. Instead, I'm eating veggie dogs in my underwear and blogging about my husband's success. I will clearly have no success of my own if I continue at this rate.

I do however feel that my priorities aren't totally out of whack. His success is mine, too, right? We're a team, or at least that's what I'm sure marriage is all about. Plus, remember I'm Sweet Thing's biggest fan (fight me. I dare you.) and feel this weird obligation to promote the crap out of them? Not that they need it lately.

So, I promised I'd write a full tour debrief, but there's no time (class, remember?) but I can't let all of the recent progress slip, before I forget half of it. 


The boys just returned from a 9-date tour across western Canada. Smallish crowds were a bit of a bummer, but without an actual released album, the response was fantastic! The most beneficial part of the tour was the opportunity to meet with radio stations, many of which were instantly converted to die-hard fans. The band played live radio performances in several cities and have now been added to even more stations, including Vancouver's wildly popular and influential CFOX.

Another big Hollywood flick has picked up Change of Seasons to be the trailer song. I'm not sure I can share any details just yet, but the film has MAJOR stars and a promising plot. This is the second major Hollywood production to pick up the song; Easy A, which will be released in the Fall at TIFF, will feature the song at least 3 times! 

Change of Seasons (coming out as a single this summer), is a new version of a song featured on their debut EP. Already a crowd favourite, the re-do is even catchier than before! Da-da-da-da! The guys have secured a director and are poised to shoot a video for the song in a few short weeks. It will possibly be shot somewhere in the US, and I am hoping to scrape together a cheap-o road trip with Sheila. Dammit, I will get into ONE video, at least. Even if I'm just an extra. 

Dance Mother was picked up on Much and MTV recently, and I have actually heard that it's getting some play. My fuzzy version of Much is just outside our basic cable package, but I did see the video used in a commercial advertising a Much program! A good 20 seconds of the video with graphics over it!

Change of Seasons was apparently added as a World Cup selection, too, to be played during some of the games. More info to follow on this.

I happen to have even more exciting news to share, but I'm not sure if it's public just yet, so stay tuned!

Sweet Thing will also be playing a number of Ontario shows in the next month:

June 24 - Call the Office, London, ON   
June 27 - Scene Festival, St. Catherines, ON
June 30 - Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ON   
July 7 - The Casbah, Hamilton, ON
July 8 - Merchant Tap House, Kingston, ON
July 9 - Live Lounge, Ottawa, ON
July 10 - Maxwell's Music House, Waterloo, ON

I will of course attempt to make it out to most of them, to fill in as merch girl and catch up with friends. It's true I SHOULD be looking for a job and saving money, but putting real life off for another few weeks won't kill me, right? Summer is too tempting for a girl with lots of free time on her hands.

[ All photos by Yours Truly; Sweet Thing X-Canada Tour 2010 ]


  1. p.s. Just posted on Facebook: "Wednesday at 3:45pm Sweet Thing will be LIVE @ THE DRIVE and YOU could be in studio too for the performance! To win passes for you and a guest, merchandise, food and more click "Like" below. (Winners will be announced here at noon Tues. and must be able to come to 993 Princess Street at 3:30pm Wed.)" Listen online at

  2. I saw a preview for Easy A at the movies in the states a few months back, it actually looks like a really cool movie, this just makes me even more excited.

  3. Thanks Leeann! Found it:

  4. Oh my! It's so hard to keep up with it all! I'm gonna try for Kingston and Ottawa. Let me know if I can do anything Day.

  5. Link tag :)