Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dogs and Blogs.

 [ Alex turned 30 on Sunday! ]

After a bit of weekend slacking, Alex spent Sunday night tossing and turning over money woes. I was fast asleep, but my financial worries were manifesting themselves in another way: a creepy dream about Daniel Radcliffe as a sexual predator. Don't ask. So, we started the week ready to be productive and forward-thinking. I actually applied to five jobs this week, running the gamut from Online Copy Writer to Social Marketing Coordinator to Event and Programming Manager. Ah, the plight of a Jane-of-All-Trades. But, I also caved and applied for EI. After almost two dozen applications, I've yet to get more than one interview. And that one didn't pan out.

I've also started contributing articles to and am working on a sample post as a last step in joining the blogTO team. Neither gig pays enough to make a living, but it's experience writing about something other than, um, myself. My blogTO post is covering the best of Toronto off-leash dog parks. If I'm hired as a contributor, (fingers crossed), my sample becomes my first post!

(An aside: in collecting research for my article, it has become very clear that the Annex is seriously lacking in viable off-leash dog areas. In fact, our options are to take our chances with the by-law and play fetch with our dogs at the Central Tech track, or make a minimum 20 minute trek - each way - to Bickford or Winston Churchill. On top of that, the closest off leash park has ridiculous time restrictions and is not fenced. I've done digging, and it seems that a no-longer-existent Annex Dog Owners group tried to no avail to get an off-leash area of our very own. A web search has turned up information no later than 2008. Did they give up? I'm planning an email to my City Councilor to get to the bottom of it... perhaps the results will serve as research for article #2. You know, if I'm hired.)

Next on my to-do list (after completing the freelance work that's still on my plate, of course): finally tackle my business idea. I'm taking a business plan writing course and a small business bookkeeping course starting in May. That will help. I'd like to at least re-launch my Etsy shop, under my new name and start selling my goods online again. I'm being vague. I know. I just don't want to get into details until I've thought everything through. soon, soon, my friends.

Still though, I'm going to need to make money at some point. Soon. Alex too. We've both picked up minimal work here and there, but it's time to get serious. Plans A, B and C are all happening simultaneously. I'm in the market for full-time work, part-time contracts, freelance jobs and investors for my small business idea. Hopefully one will pan out, and EI should bridge the gap. *Gulp*


In Sweet Thing news, we've yet to hear the single on rock radio, and I'm a bit bummed. Patience, Dayna, patience. 

The boys are playing a campus show in London tonight and another in Waterloo at the end of the month. No further show/tour info to share, though, although I am assured that a robust cross-Canada gig is well into the planning stages. 

Saving the best for last: The music video launched today! Check it out here- Spinner has the exclusive for two days before it hits YouTube, etc.


And, some more advice from the real Yoko: 
"Keep going until your efforts start to make things better in your hometown." - Yoko Ono, via Twitter

I'm applying her advice to my dog park mission. Adam Vaughan, check your inbox.

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