Friday, March 26, 2010


 [ this photo came up when i typed "random" into Google Image Search. "Animal Humiliation" would be a better description. ]

I'm not a great blogger. Mostly because I don't know how to just type off the cuff. I edit, re-read, copy, cut and paste. I am aware that I still think in terms of the "hamburger paragraph".


I tried poems for a while. I think I might not have sucked. It was a good exercise in getting me away from complete sentences and proper punctuation.

(So far I have not gone back to re-read this)

I guess blogs don't have rules, or at least that's what Miss. S tells me. She has a real blog. Or, so I think. Mine is like a collection of carefully prepared essays. Stop it. But maybe that's just my blog style. I get it from my dad. Mr. Fact-Checker-Proof-Reader. He won't even allow verbal pauses, which actually results in awkward silence. My friend Keith told me he was disappointed to see a typo in my email yesterday. I used to proofread and edit his homework in College. He admires my anal nature. Apparently.

I try though. One word "sentences", for example. Yes. Really. 

(OK, I've re-read it twice already. It's a sickness.)


Totally random subject change: I don't have anything specific to write about, I just needed to write something personal as a break from my contract editing/copy writing work. I'm good at taking breaks. But, I am trying to get a significant chunk completed this week, and the majority of it by the end of next. Then, it's April. I go on EI (it stings, it burns) and figure out my life.

I Skyped with my bestie yesterday. In the middle of the day! Another perk of unemployment. I am catching up with all of my new mommy friends. She says I should "go for it", as in taking this opportunity to finally open my own business. When else will I have such a huge chunk of time, she asks? She's right. But, I don't feel ready. I am looking into a government program that helps unemployed adults to become self-employed, and I am registering in another class as part of the small business development program at George Brown. I worked on my logo too. Baby steps. But if NOW is the time, I need to be taking leaps, not steps. *shiver*

[ i heart video chats ]

I told Alex this morning that I'd move anywhere with him if he had to go. I would miss friends and family, but other than that I'm not particularly attached to Toronto anymore. When did this happen? Then he said, "OK, we're moving to Afghanistan." back-pedaling. But yeah, if he had to be in a war-torn country, then I would too. Apparently the band has casually discussed moving to NYC. Of course, this would only happen once they're bringing in a good chunk of income. If. I'd be open to New York, but I'm at that point in my life where Brooklyn is much more appealing. Or Staten Island. Tabor scoffed at the suggestion that I would want to live on Staten Island. What? It's a free ferry ride away from down town Manhattan. And it feels like a small town. Best of both worlds. She would disown me, maybe. But she did promise to help me open shop in NYC, if it ever came to that. 

[ the ferry, and the Staten Island zoo. See, I could be happy here ]

[ this gorgeous Staten Island home could be ours for only $425K! ]

I guess I have a travel bug. Maybe that's where that conversation came from. Clearly vacation is out of the question. Survival is the priority. Unfortunately nothing fun falls under that heading. I am, however, going for lunch with Miss. K this aft. New Gen on Bloor has a 5.99 sushi lunch. Our bill came to $13 and change last time. That's a date I can afford. It was really filling, too. Wednesday, I grabbed drinks at Hey Lucy (new in our 'hood, in the old Mel's Deli location) with Dawn and Court - martinis are 3.99 on Wednesday. Another affordable date!


The Jehovah's Witness came to my door just now. Kindly elderly ladies. Is this a new tactic? No one can shoo away little old ladies, right? I took their pamphlet. I recycled it. 


Off to walk the dogs in what has become winter once more. Ack. I regret putting away my wool coat. But I won't go back. I just won't! Layers are my friend until Ms.Nature can figure out this weather business.

 [ i am missing sunny summer dog walking ]

[as much as I love this hat, it has to GO ]

Nothing new on the Sweet Thing front, except that the radio release date has been pushed back AGAIN (see, nothing new). The boys have a couple of campus shows coming up in April. I'll be playing merch girl, but other than that, they're students-only shows.

I'm quasi-working with Morgan on some designs for album art. I am excited to be involved again, as we worked together on the EP art. I think we're a good team. He's riskier than me and has great concepts, but I can lend a design eye and refine the whole thing. He's put together a few concepts that I will be playing with this weekend, and I'm going to tackle polishing the great logo that he designed. It's unpaid and somewhat "thankless" but it's more great schtuff for the portfolio. Oooh, look at me, using non-words. :)

 [ one of my many pro-bono design jobs for the boys ]

Was that more blog-like, maybe? A tad more frenetic and random? It matches my all-over-the-place brain pattern, at least. Still too long though, right?


"Draw a window on the wall to remind you of the sun." - Yoko Ono (via Twitter)


  1. A bit long...
    And the NY conversation wasn't so much a casual discussion so much as a (maybe) 4-year old "Wouldn't it be crazy if..." conversation. Not really a likelihood.

  2. so you do exist! ah, let me dream. :)

  3. Haha, way to call his bluff, now someone else is back-pedaling :p