Wednesday, February 17, 2010


In my quest for catch-up and lovin’ of the platonic female variety, I jam-packed my Saturday with food, drinks, and pretty faces. 

[ Miss J. she sometimes goes by Sass. this is why ] 

My first date, the lovely sometimes-lamé-spandex-sporting Miss. J, met me at Insomnia, one of my very favourite spots to brunch in the city. Yes, there are some way-good little breakfast eateries in the East end (Bonjour Brioche, for one) and west-west-west on Queen, but when I’m hankering for brunch, the thought of a 40 minute public transit ride for eggs leaves me with indigestion. 

Luckily, I have three very, very good options in my ‘hood: Grapefruit Moon, Aunties & Uncles, and Insomnia. We met at the latter at noon, and squeezed in what felt like months of updates over Eggs Charlotte – the perfect smoked salmon benedict (remember, I’m a fair-weather vegetarian when it comes to fish).  

[mmmm, hollandaise. i had to dig in, before snapping a photo]

Miss J was off to Vegas or LA or somewhere much warmer than here very soon, so I was grateful for our little social window.

Date #2: High Tea at the Windsor Arms. 

 [ pics c/o Windsor Arms and The Star ]

I met up with yummy-new-mommy, Ms. K and a friend, for some sophisticated mid-afternoon nibbles. I was still stuffed from breakfast (really, I can’t possibly get enough of those potatoes!). Yet, an eyes-bigger-than-stomach moment allowed me to (gracefully) shovel in finger sandwiches and mini-desserts by the plateful. And of course, an entire pot of Black Magic tea (chosen for its peppermint content – I knew my digestion could use a little help). With her new baby in the picture, I relish these rare adult moments with one of my oldest and dearest friends.

[i attempt grace.]

Considering that date number three would involve dancing in much more snug-fitting clothing, I paused social interaction for a quick run on the treadmill. Luckily, The Notebook was playing on the gym TV. A bearded Ryan Gosling is as good a motivation as any to work off a calorie or two (thousand).

Before heading out, Alex and I crammed in some quality time and two watermelon-cucumber mojitos (a drink I conjured up while immersed in cardio). I then gussied myself up in my very best – a look, I told Alex, that I would now call “Sexretary”. I thought I had made up this word myself. I thought I was very clever. But like my last “invented” word – Hangry – it seemed to already have been coined by another. Each of these words already had at least three entries in the Urban Dictionary:


Alex and I split – he to a house party with some of his bandmates, and I to Business Woman’s Special: the FB group calls it  a "monthly queer dance party at Augusta House". I call it "fun!!!". Unpretentious people/dancing, 90s dance/hip-hop, and some of my favourite ladies (and gent)? Um, yes! This month's edition was Valentine-themed, and I had my photo taken with a sexed-up cupid (we are now FB friends). Even though I spent ample time in the photo booth, none of my shots made it up on the site. Pout. My friend, Miss. S, was a little more lucky. 


Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion was projected onto the wall, and inspired us to plan an R&M themed girls' night for the end of the month. Resolution: Keep social calendar active. Check!

[ Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion ]

I capped the night off with 2am Kraft Dinner with my favourite mister. Life is good.

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