Thursday, February 25, 2010

A City Near You...

A little inside Sweet Thing info to share: yet more delays on release dates. So, no big surprise, right? The boys have been promising us a single, at the very least, since December. The album recording was finished in August, yet many other components needed to be completed before we'd actually see a real-live CD. Still, it's almost March and not even a peep?!

 [ owen croons at the mod club ]

Bandwife perks: I already have the whole "album" (the mastered tracks are in our iTunes playlist). I am dying to share them. I can be a bit of a nag, and I have been pestering poor Alex to follow up on radio release status. The latest we had heard was "end of February". I think I finally made him crack. He followed up today, and the long-winded response from their manager, in summation, was yet more delays. The reasons seem valid enough. I guess. 

There are some web/iTunes pieces that need to happen before the actual radio release, apparently. It's looking like another month yet before you can tune into conventional rock radio and hear the musical stylings of Sweet Thing. I suspect the predicted May/June album release could be late as well.

The good news? Apparently we should expect a new website any day now, with a brand new free downloadable track! Of course, their EP is, as always, available on iTunes or through a shady back-alley deal with yours truly. I declare myself, without band approval, official merch girl.

 [ the EP, cover art designed by none other than moi ]

In other (mildly) exciting news, the boys have firm and tentative live show dates lined up for March! I say "mildly" because I wish the headliners were a little more lucrative. So you can't own the songs, but at least you can sing along for a little while. 

They're playing these dates with Electric Six (meh.):

  • March 9th, 8pm - Call the Office, London ON
  • March 10th, 10pm - Starlight Room, Waterloo ON
  • March 11th, 8pm - La Sala Rossa, Montreal QC
  • March 12th, 8pm - Mavericks Bar, Ottawa ON
    March 13th, 8pm - Lee’s Palace, Toronto ON

I will be at the last three. But of course.

A tentative offer to open for Dragonette during the west coast leg of their tour is not yet confirmed, but I suspect that late-March shows in Calgary and Vancouver are imminent. More news to follow!

 [ Mod Club: the always lovely Martina Sorbara of Dragonette. don't you just hate her? ]

Their most recent gig, a little good-faith show at the Edge Indie Club in February, saw 40 or so people cram into the Edge's tiny storefront spot on Yonge Street. The show was not aired, but the invite from the station was a good sign: radio play of their first single will be key.

[ Edge Indie Club performance ]

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