Wednesday, January 20, 2010

C'mon, c'mon already.

While Alex is at a non-rehearsal rehearsal night (a divey apartment meeting with the boys regarding music video ideas), I realize that life as a rock guitarist's little woman hasn't had much worthy of reporting lately. As always, everything is pushed back. The single that was supposed to be released Boxing Day, ended up being slated for late January, and is now looking at a late February release at best. This means that the album release is pushed back to May/June and my lonely bandwife days are still a foggy distant future. I am tapping my feet irritably. It may seem strange, but I actually want things to move. I want him to leave me for weeks on end. The sooner he goes, the sooner he'll be done. I don't anticipate that he will be an on-the-road musician his whole life (he isn't the type) so it would be ideal for this phase of his career to happen now. And fast. I am frustrated on their behalf that things are moving so slowly. But maybe they are partially responsible. Their radio single needs a PG edit, and Mother*&%$#er doesn't really have an obvious stand-in.

So maybe I'm just impatient. It's true that they have a professional photoshoot under their belts, a couple of amateur videos (and prep work for the real deal), and some serious talks with Hollywood mucky-mucks regarding the use of their songs in some upcoming films. I can't divulge just yet - the contract may not be signed yet. Good things are imminent. Imminent just isn't fast enough.

[ Alex and "the boys" during our visit to his shoot ]

In the meantime, besides the three-rehearsals-per-week schedule, bandwife life is no different from typical married life. I do share my husband with a piano, 2 guitars, GarageBand and 4 guys, but we don't fight over him much. I usually win. For now, at least. I silently vow to not take this for granted. Soon enough, he'll be an empty spot in the bed (filled by two dogs, no doubt). 

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